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Orlando Meetings

At Caribe Royale, we realize that you have a variety of choices when choosing an Orlando, FL meeting facility, so we make it our business to meet – and exceed – the needs of your business. Your meeting details will be handled by our expertly trained Convention Services and Banquet team, who oversee meetings at both hotels. From menu planning and audio-visual needs to floral arrangements and entertainment, our Convention Services department is a one-stop-shop for all your group planning needs, ensuring consistency, accuracy and ease throughout the entire planning process.

Best of all, Caribe Royale is independently owned and operated, which makes our on-site managers our on-site decision makers. So if you have a problem, we are able to address your specific group needs on the spot or in-person.  The Caribe Royale is also located just 1.5 miles from the Walt Disney World® area.

Special Disney Meeting & Convention Tickets

Whether you want to spend a truly unforgettable evening with an old friend, share a dazzling nighttime sky with a new contact or experience the all-new, Magical Celebrations excitement with your family, you'll want take advantage of this special ticket offer. And to help you see it all, Disney's special after 2pm/after 4pm, Meeting/Convention Theme Park Tickets are designed to accommodate any agenda and are only available to you, your guests and family members. Inside Disney Parks you'll find entertainment, inspiration and rejuvenation...even if time is of the essence. Get more information and purchase your tickets at or call 407-566-5600. These tickets are not available at the theme park ticket windows, so be sure to purchase in advance. We want to see you there!

Audio Visual Services

Finally, you can pull off that presentation without a hitch! PSAV®, our audio visual staff, is made up of highly-trained professionals who are always available on-site. We use only high-end, state-of-the-art audio, video, projection and lighting equipment, so the audio visual quality is always at its best. As we are always striving to be cutting-edge, we have also installed a decorative Smartlight system consisting of 192 lighting instruments, each with 11 different colors and patterns, and we are proud to note that we were the first facility in the U.S. to install this system.

Our facilities cater to every audio visual need. We have the ability to handle any meeting from our small breakout rooms to large scale staging and production events. We also have a production oriented ballroom with numerous high capacity rigging points.

For additional information, please contact PSAV® at 407-238-0008 or email Eddy Craft, Sr. Sales Manager, Event Technology at

PSAV® Pricing Guide

PSAV® Exhibit Audio Visual Order Form

Cooking in Ballrooms

Any cooking or heating up of product must have a permit available through the Fire Marshall's office. The group's drayage company normally will take care of this.

The only open flame that is authorized for cooking is sterno or other jellied fuels.

Electric hot plates are also permissible.

A 2A40 B. C. fire extinguisher, with current tag from a licensed fire extinguisher contractor must be in the exhibit booth for any cooking, open flame or heat production appliance to be permitted.

Exhibitor must provide a four-foot (4') space or barrier to separate the public form a cooking, open flame heat producing appliance.

Deep fat fryers, propane or any other gas product is strictly prohibited.

To protect the ballroom carpet, a mat or other covering must be placed beneath the cooking prep area.

Electrical Power Distribution

All electrical distribution must meet the national electrical code and Orange County Safety requirements. Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services can assist you to ensure compliance. All power hookups will be the responsibility of Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services. Backstage cabling across exits and walkways must be covered with rubber mats and taped down to ensure safe egress. Please click here to contact Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services' Caribe Royale representative. Frequently the Orange County Fire Marshal Office will visit the Hotel during the production to ensure these requirements are met.

For additional information, please contact our Convention Services department at (407) 238-8002. Click here to contact Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services' Caribe Royale representative, Crystal Denitson. She can also be reached by phone at (407) 854-9991.

Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services pricing guide

Electrical Services

For your electrical service needs, we only use the very best. We use the professionals at Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services for state-of-the-art equipment coupled with a total commitment to service. Edlen has the well-deserved reputation of being the finest electrical tradeshow contractor in the country, and services approximately 90% of all conventions, tradeshows and meetings in South Florida. All electrical distribution must meet the national electrical code and Orange County Safety requirements. Edlen Electric can assist you to ensure compliance. All power hookups will be the responsibility of Edlen Electric. Backstage cabling across exits and walkways must be covered with rubber mats and taped down to ensure safe egress. Frequently the Orange County Fire Marshal Office will visit the Hotel during the production to ensure these requirements are met.

For additional information, please contact our Convention Services department at (407) 238-8002. Click here to contact Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services' Caribe Royale representative, Crystal Denitson. She can also be reached by phone at (407) 854-9991.

Edlen Electrical Services and Pricing Guide

Floor Plans - Approval - Fire Marshal

The Orange County Fire Marshal is the entity responsible for enforcing fire and safety regulations on our property. They are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

All General Sessions, Tradeshows and major banquet events require the submission and approval of a floor plan with detailed specifications. This must be submitted to the Fire Marshal's office at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. Click Here for the Fire Marshal's webpage.

For all stages 36" or more in height, include a drawing of stage elevation and detailed information on stage construction.

If modular, pre-fabricated staging is planned, please include manufacturer and model of the equipment.

In accordance with state and local regulations regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are required to provide handicap accessibility to "any" stage where audience activity is scheduled. This includes award presentations, or other events that would require "any" individual(s) to access the stage from the audience. The access may be in the form of an ADA approved ramp or lift. You may make the determination which would be more appropriate for your program and room design.

Please forward all floor plans to the following address for approval:
Orange County Fire Rescue
Office of the Fire Marshal/Plans Review
109 East Church Street, Lower Level
Orlando, Florida 32801-3319

Four (4) Floor plans need to be submitted with application and a check in the amount of $70.00. Once your floor plan is approved, please forward two (2) copies to your Convention Service.

High Speed Internet Access

The Grand Caribe Convention Center offers high-speed Internet access and professional network installation and support services. From simple high-speed Internet connection to advanced webcasting of your meeting, we are prepared to handle all of your technological needs in-house or through our strategic partners.

802.11b (11Mbps) and 802.11g (54 Mbps) wireless internet connectivity is available in the pool, convention center, lobby, and villas.

For pricing and information, please see our High Speed Internet Services Guide, call (407) 238-8112 or e-mail us at

Lighting Remote

Remote control for house lighting is available through our Engineering Department at a fee. Advise your convention service manager of the time, dates and quantity of lighting remotes needed prior to your event.

Load In – Load Out Supervisor

All production companies working in the Caribe Royale must hire a load in/load out supervisor through our in house audio visual company, PSAV®. This PSAV® technician will supervise the setup and strike to insure the hotel's policies and procedures are followed. A minimum of $500.00 for set up and minimum of $500.00 for tear down will be charged during normal business hours. There may be additional fees for PSAV® technician supervision outside of normal business hours.

The Third-Party Supplier is required to provide to PSAV® a complete schedule of events at least 7 days before load-in including the date and time of load-in and load-out, times of amplified audio reproduction, power tie-in/disconnect schedule and "dark room" schedules.

The carpets must be protected with plastic sheeting (visqueen) from any exposure to road cases, trussing, or any other piece of audio visual gear.  (10'x100' roles of visqueen are available for purchase from PSAV® at $150.00 per roll).  The production company is responsible for laying the visqueen.


Air Wall Pockets

Air wall pockets are for the use of authorized hotel personnel only and under no circumstances can be used for storage or office space by production companies or any other vendors working in the ballroom.

Exit Access

Production shows shall be designed in such a manner as not to interfere in any way with access to required exit signs, nor shall any fire equipment be blocked; only the office of the Orange County Fire Marshal can advise or approve exceptions to their fire regulations.
Fog Machines, Lasers, Pyrotechnics

The Caribe Royale has one of the most sophisticated fire alarm systems available today. Certain types of special effect systems require that ventilation and system alarms be subdued during their usage. The use of fog, lasers and pyrotechnics must be approved by our engineering department at least 5 days prior to scheduled use.

Note: Only water base foggers and hazers are permitted for use in the ballroom. Oil based devises that produce grease laden vapors may not be used. Pyro must be submitted and approved by Fire Marshal.


Glitter and confetti must have prior arrangement for clean up or a charge will be assessed. If clean-up is performed by hotel personnel, a charge will be posted to the master account based on the type and amount of confetti or glitter to be removed.


The Caribe Royale has one upright piano available on an availability basis.  Contact your convention service manager to reserve it.  Due to safety regulations however, the Caribe Royale staff are not able to lift any piano on to or off staging.  Hotel is not responsible for tuning piano.

Public Space

The back-of-house hallways are to be used for movement of all materials and freight. Under no circumstances are the front doors to be used for equipment load in/out. Stagehands/crew are not permitted.

Scissor Lifts

Only electrical scissor lifts are allowed in the ballroom areas. They must have non-marking (white) wheels prior to entry to the ballroom, also all paths that the lifts follow must be protected with visqueen.

Lifts may be delivered the day prior to an event set up and must be removed from property no later than the day after teardown.

Production companies are responsible for the scheduling of delivery and pick-up of all lift equipment. Additional handling charges will result if equipment is not removed as mentioned above.

Under no circumstances may scaffolding, ladders, chairs or similar devices be placed on platforms/scissor lifts to increase the technicians reach. Unsafe practices that could endanger the operator or damage the facility will not be tolerated.


Nothing is to be stuck, pinned, taped or mounted to any meeting/ball room wall. Banners will be hung by our Engineering Department. Arrangements can be made through our Convention Service Department.

Sound Level/Rehearsals

Sound levels are to be appropriate for the contracted space and are not to interfere with activities of any other group. Actual meetings in progress take precedence over any sound check or rehearsal. Please respect any request regarding sound level you may receive from hotel management. The hotel reserves the right to terminate any event in the case of inappropriate sound level.


Nothing may be placed or leaned against any wall surface of the ballroom area. This includes writing, tacking and taping. All crates, road cases, scaffolding, panels, pallets, etc. must at all times be kept away from walls.

Waste Removal

Production and drayage companies are required to arrange for the removal of refuse during post production, hotel's receptacles are for the use solely of the Caribe Royale. Contact your convention services manager for rental options.

Move In-Out

The meeting planner is responsible for ensuring that the production company and drayage/exhibit company make appropriate arrangements and provides adequate labor, so that the move-in and move out schedules can be followed in accordance with the designated dates and times stated in the sales contract. Your convention service manager must be advised in writing of all details so that arrangements can be made to block adequate loading dock space.

Prior to move in, you or your production and/or drayage company representative will be required to sign for a copy of these regulations. Prior to move out there will be a joint inspection of the premises to identify any damage. This will be conducted with the hotel's load in/load out supervisor or Loss Prevention department.

It is the responsibility of the production company and drayage/exhibit company to clean any area they use and to remove any tape residue, large stains and remove all trash.

At the conclusion of the program, the ballroom loading docks used by the production company and drayage/exhibit company must be presentable for the next day's business prior to leaving the property. An inspection will be conducted prior to move in and upon completion of the load out by the production company and drayage/exhibit company.

Damages to the fixtures and equipment in the ballrooms are the responsibility of the production/exhibit company.

Acknowledgement of damages, if any, will be presented to the production/exhibit company and meeting planner at the end of the program.

All claims for damages will be forwarded to the production company in writing within ten (10) business days following the final walkthrough.

Personnel-Stage Hands

The production/exhibit company is responsible for hiring competent personnel to set up, operate and remove their equipment. The production/exhibit company is responsible for the actions of any personnel attached to or associated with their staff.

Smoking, eating or drinking is prohibited within the ballrooms during load in/out. Room service and/or catered meals are allowed, per the clients request, at a cost. Beverage and equipment will be remitted to non-alcoholic during setup and tear down. Food and beverages staged or stored in the hotel service corridors is the property of the Caribe Royale and is off-limits to production/exhibit companies.

The possession or use of intoxicants on Caribe Royale property is prohibited. Possession or use of drugs is prohibited other than medicine prescribed by the employee's physician. Violation will result in immediate removal of the individual from the premises.

Theft, attempted theft, misappropriation of property or the aiding of such acts will result in immediate removal and possible criminal prosecution.

Rigging Guidelines

The Caribe Royale is equipped with complete rigging systems in order to assist our clients with productions requiring overhead rigging.  These systems were designed and installed in order to expedite the move in/out process.  The Caribe Royale uses external eyebolts with a load capacity of 750 pounds per point.  In order to help assist our clients in utilizing these systems to their full capacity we have selected PSAV® as our exclusive rigging contractor.  PSAV® is responsible for all rigging and related overhead safety on property.  PSAV® staff will provide all necessary rigging labor for productions at the Caribe Royale.  All rigging activities defined as follows must meet the following minimum standards:

Rigging encompasses attaching hardware to ceilings, usually, rigging motors, trussing, lighting and audio.  Riggers are responsible for inspecting all equipment flown and assisting with load factors insuring that weight limits are strictly enforced and that no damage is imposed to the ceilings.

PSAV® is responsible for overhead as well as all trusses, speakers and other attachments on the ground utilizing polyester round slings, wire rope slings, etc.

PSAV® can supply all rigging design materials and equipment for use on your event.  We reserve the right to inspect any and all equipment supplied by outside sources to determine its safety for its intended application.  We recommend contracting PSAV®  offices during your initial design stages in order to utilize the hotel’s facilities to their full potential.

PSAV® must receive all proposed rigging drawings no later than thirty (30) calendar days prior to scheduled load in. Failure of appropriate notifications will result in overtime rates.  Included with the drawing should be an agenda or onsite schedule so that we may properly schedule all necessary personnel.  Lighting and sound equipment rigging plots are strongly recommended for lost time or additional costs resulting from rigging modifications, adjustments or charges required on-site.

For Hotel CAD’s – for CAD layouts of the ceiling click here for PSAV® website.

Click to view Rigging Services guidelines and pricing guide.


It is the responsibility of the production company and/or meeting planner to provide uniformed security for the ballroom during move in/move-out periods and while occupying the ballroom areas.

Hotel Security department rates are available through your convention service manager. These security personnel are all full time employees of the hotel and are highly recommended.

Contracted security must be hired directly by the association or company.

Only licensed security companies or the hotel's security department may be utilized on the premises

Armed security is not permitted.

Private security companies will not be allowed on the premises without first having been cleared through the Director of Loss Prevention sufficiently in advance to permit a recheck of licenses and insurance coverage.

Shipping and Receiving

Caribe Royale shipping and receiving office is staffed Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM to assist with receiving, packaging and shipping of documents or packages. This service is provided for all hotel guests.

The shipping and receiving office is located in the Grand Caribe Royale Convention Center and can be reached via phone at (407) 238-8434 or fax at (407) 238-8435.

Download Shipping & Receiving Information


Although an inventory of meeting equipment is available to production companies for use in creating your meeting environment, the exception to that inventory is staging. Production staging is not available throughout the hotel. Many suppliers are available to supplement main stages. The hotel's inventory of risers are for the purpose of speaker and head table elevations. Of course, as with all of our meeting equipment, risers are provided on an availability basis, considering all competing requirements at that time.

The installation and construction of wooden stages may not be done unless visqueen is installed under the entire area that the stage is going to encompass. No nails, or bracing wires used in production setups may be attached to the building, no painting, mixing of chemicals or explosive materials are allowed inside the hotel. No sawing or cutting of materials with any power tool is allowed within the hotel. Backstage areas are also required to be protected by visqueen or poly-tac.

In the event that ceiling lifts, pallet jacks or other types of material handling equipment are utilized during move-in/out please note:

Visqueen or poly tac must cover all areas of the carpet over which equipment will be driven.

Equipment tires must be white (indoor use) and be free of dirt and debris.

Forklifts are not permitted inside either of the ballrooms.


Storage of empty crates or road cases is not permitted on the loading dock or service corridors of the hotel or convention center. Storage in the ballrooms is limited to the backstage area only and must not impede the path of egress to the exit doors or cover/block fire safety equipment. Storage of empty wooden crates inside the hotel and convention center is not permitted.

Trailers cannot be parked at the loading dock, however may be stored on property in our marshalling yard with prior approval of the convention services manager.

Vehicles in Ballroom

The floor plan must have vehicle noted on diagram and be approved by the Fire Marshall.

Fuel tank must be a quarter of a tank or less.

Duct tape must be placed around fuel cap.

The battery must be disconnected.

Visqueen or heavy plastic must be placed underneath the entire vehicle.

Wii Gaming

PSAV® has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Nintendo to rent Wii™ Gaming Console Packages for your groups events at Caribe Royale. PSAV® is the only event technology rental company licensed and authorized by Nintendo to offer the Wii™ Gaming Console Package for rental in a public event environment.

Each Wii™ Gaming Console Package includes:

  • One (1) Nintendo Wii™ Gaming Console
  • Four (4) Standard Wii™ Game Controllers
  • Two (2) MarioKart™ Wheel Controllers
  • Two (2) Nunchuk Controllers
  • One (1) Wii Play™ Disc*
  • One (1) Wii Sports™ Disc*
  • One (1) MarioKart™ Disc*
  • One (1) Punch Out™ Disc*
  • One (1) Wii Sports Resort™ (with Motion Plus) Disc*

*These are the only game titles that Nintendo has authorized PSAV® to use in a public environment and all other games are prohibited from being used on this package system rented from PSAV®.

PSAV® has also developed Gaming Support Packages of equipment to support the Wii™ Gaming Console Packages that include items such as a Plasma Monitor with a single Powered Speaker and an LCD Projector with large screen and sound system.  For additional information, please contact PSAV® at 407-238-0008 or email Eddy Craft, Sr. Sales Manager at

Catering & Banquet Services

From the traditional to the extravagant, the culinary artisans at Caribe Royale under the guidance of our Convention Services Managers, will work to create an impeccable dining experience for your group attendees.

View our menus.

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